Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Picture this: It's 9:15am and all you want to do is run on the treadmill in peace for the next hour. Someone gets on the treadmill next to you and turns on the TV. Okay, that's fine. Whatever. She then proceeds to flick through the channels in frustration, until she screams across the room to her friend asking what channel the Olympics are on. "13!" the friend is yelling back, but the girl is on channel 13 and all that's showing the weather. "Ugh, all these channels just have the weather!" she complains and flips between 13 and 13.1, not quite understanding that the only difference is one is in HD and the other is not. This yelling back and forth between the two girls goes on for like 10 minutes I kid you not until the girl gives up and stays on channel 13... which is NBC so like she just had to give it a chance and the Today Show would've explained to her that the actual sports are broadcast starting at 8pm on NBC.

That was a very specific story about an incident I'm sure would not have been of note to anyone else.

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