Sunday, April 6, 2014


Good day.

First I must mention how absolutely fantastically beautiful it is outside right now. I'm looking out my window and all I see is sun. Mother Nature FTW.

I just ate like 30 strawberries because they're delicious and I am a fruit fiend.

OMG update on what's happening outside my window... I spy a dog! Wow. Could this day get any better? Maybe I'll venture outside.

Probably not. I took a Buzzfeed quiz this morning -- "Are You Actually An Introvert" -- and Buzzfeed told me that I'm am the definition of an introvert. So basically that means that it's the weekend and thus I don't want to talk to people... and if I go outside I'll have to talk to people.

But alas. I have things to do and will have to leave my introvert self behind at 2:15 when I walk outside.

At the end of my emails to ushers I always write something about how if you have actually read to the end of this email reply with [insert something witty here]. I feel like I should start doing that with these posts because let's be honest, no one actually reads all this crap.

So sunny. Much nice weather.

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