Tuesday, February 11, 2014

minor... issues.

I am always on top of my shit. In the last 4 years the one thing I've not kept on top of was declaring my minor. So I left it until now and honestly I wasn't going to deal with declaring it until the last possible minute. Well guess what. That last possible minute? It's this Friday. And I had no idea until I got an email today letting me know that if the paper isn't in by Friday, I don't graduate with my minor.

Needless to say I was/am pissed. Three days notice? Really? Did I miss an email that gave me a month to sort this out? Nope.

So today I printed out the form and wrote down all the courses I've taken in my minor. In the past I've looked at the requirements and stuff and knew I was on track. But when I filled out the form today I realized I was one class short. I needed 6 classes, I only had 5 written down. I texted my friend and bitched out the entire world and flipped out for quite a while. I flipped out on myself, realizing that I was literally the stupidest person on the planet to not have kept better track of this.

Then after my class ended I get a text from my friend -- didn't you take that foreign policy class? OMG HOLY SHIT YES YES I DID. So I DID have 6 classes, I have the requirements done. I'm not an idiot after all. Well, not for that reason anyway.

The form is filled out. It's signed by my advisor. All it needs is the signature of the head of the government department. He can meet with me between 12 and 12:30 on Thursday.

If this snow storm is bad and he doesn't come in to work on Thursday, I will be graduating without a minor. The weather says 1-3 inches for Saratoga Springs. CROSS YOUR FREAKING FINGERS FOR ME.

And that kids, is what happens when really intelligent on-their-game people procrastinate.

Today has been... a day.

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