Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Normal Heart.

I watched it. I loved it. I had high expectations and they were met.

The only thing is that quite like Les Mis, I found myself thinking of the film as a completely different entity than the play. Nothing about the movie felt theatrical, except Joe Mantello. I think it translates extremely well into film, and I can't think of a single negative thing about the two hours I just spent in front of my computer watching.

I have never seen The Normal Heart onstage, but I imagine my reaction and my feelings would be different. I've read the play several times and it just feels different to read versus watching it onscreen.

But I don't think it could've been cast any better. Absolutely all star casting. I was really impressed by the whole thing.

I think I expected there to be ugly crying and there wasn't. I ugly cry every time I read the play. Maybe I've read it too many times... but really that's not possible.

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