Friday, February 28, 2014

a real thing that happened.

"Can I make a recommendation? Walking is great, but if you do it at an incline it'll work two to three times more."

Someone came up to me at the gym this morning and said that to me. Excuse me, I'm not paying you to be my personal trainer, so you are not allowed to tell me what I should be doing at the gym. Also, how do you know I don't have a very specific workout routine that includes a mixture of walking and running that I have timed down to the second because my OCD is ridiculous. And don't you think that maybe I am intelligent enough to understand that walking at an incline is more difficult, but maybe I was between running cycles and thus walking normally was a cool down?

How about you keep your exercise science major (I think that's what this particular person is because I've seen her before) training to yourself, and I'll stick to being the theater major who has no idea what she's doing at the gym but is trying her best.

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